Terms of sale

Terms of sale

The present general terms concern the purchase of products and services, remotely done through the website www.acetaiaraimondi.it owned by:

Azienda Agricola Raimondi Primo, Stradello Carbonara, 2 – Nonantola (MO) 41015

VAT number: 03329640365

Fiscal code: RMNPRM50A27F930I

Tel +39 059 546168 Tel +39 334 8186449

Fax +39 059548668


Sale operations on this website are regulated by the present general terms of sale ( in agreement with the Italian law and in particular to D.Lgs 70/2003 with specific reference to the norm for contracts at a distance), as well as by the following rules indicated as: “Prices and payment methods”, “Rights of withdrawal”, “Delivery”, “Warranty and responsability”, “Privacy” which have to be considered as an integral and fundamental part of the contract sale.

Hence, the Customer is kindly invited, before order dispatching, to carefully read the terms of sale as stated above and all the associated informations, as well as to print or save on a different and lasting format . Possible modifications or new terms of sale will be promptly notified to the customer, will be effective from the time of publication on the website and will be applied only to sales concluded after publication.

Order dispatching from the customer counts as acceptation of the terms of sale in force at that time and has to be considered concluded with the acceptance of the order from Az. Agr. Raimondi. Such acceptance is considered as implicit.

Each purchase operation will be regulated through disposal of D.Lgs n. 185/99 and, with respect to privacy safeguard, it will be regulated by law nr. 675/96 and later modifications.

Any customer reimbursement right, as well as any contractual responsability for direct or indirect damages to people and/or things, caused by the missed acceptanche, even partial, of an order, will be excluded.


Contract conclusion.

The order sent by the Customer to Azienda Agricola Raimondi Primo, through the internet, must be completed in every part and must contain the necessary elements for Customer identification, the ordered products, as well as the delivery address. Otherwise, the order is considered null.

Azienda Agricola Raimondi Primo will send to the customer, through e-mail, a confirmation of order reception. This message will contain a specific order number that must be used for all the following communications with Azienda Agricola Raimondi. The e-mail will also report a summary of all the registration and order details. It’s the customer’s duty to check for the correctness of the reported data and, in case, to promptly communicate possible corrections, through the modalities described in this document.

The customer can purchase only the products present in the website, like so they are described in their respective informative page, at the moment of order shipment. It is assumed that the image used on the informative page of a product might not be perfectly representative of its real conditions, but can slightly differ for weight, dimensions, presence of optional products in the figure. All the supporting informations for the purchase have to be considered as a generic informative material, which cannot be referred to the real features of a single product. In case of missing acceptance of the order, Azienda Agricola Raimondi Primo warrants a timely communication to the customer.

For possible complaints we kindly ask you to contact us by e-mail at az.raimondi@gmail.com, or via telephone at +393348186449, or through ordinary mail at Azienda Agricola Raimondi Primo, stradello Carbonara, 2 – 41015 Nonantola (MO). Azienda Agricola Raimondi Primo will also promptly inform the customer in case of unavailability of the ordered product.


Prices and payment methods.

Prices of products are indicated in the different sections of the website and include VAT taxes.

The applied prices are those indicated in the website at the moment of the order of the customer. The prices of the single products are susceptible of variation and, therefore, the prices currently listed in the website are the only valid and supersede the previous ones.

Payment methods are listed in the dedicated page. The price of the acquired products, together with the cost of the home delivery, must be payed by the customer following the methods indicated in this section.

The accepted payment methods are the following:

Paypal: the credit card payment through Paypal will be carried out as soon as the order is concluded. Complete the purchasing cart section filling the registering step, indicating or modifying the delivery address and accomplish the payment by clicking the “checkout” button.

Bank Transfer: click on “other payment methods” on the purchasing cart page, fill in all sections and send the request. You will receive the order confirmation and the total amount calculation (comprising the delivery expenses) at the e-mail address you provided us during the registration phase. The bank transfer will be carried out on the following IBAN: IT 31 F 02008 66890 000101615196. The order will be handled only after having received the credit from the customer on the Azienda Agricola Raimondi Primo di Raimondi Primo bank account. As bank transfer reason, the name of the customer, the number and date of the order must be specified.


Rights of withdrawal

With respect to art. 5 DL 185/1999, if the customer is a consumer (i.e. a physical person), has the right to terminate the purchase contract for any reason, withouth the need to give any explanation and without any penalty.

To use this right, the customer shall send to Azienda Agricola Raimondi Primo, stradello Carbonara, 2 – 41015 Nonantola (MO), a request within 10 working days from the date of the reception of the order. Such a notification has to be sent through registered mail, or through telegram or fax, the latter invariably sent within 10 days and followed by a registered mail after 48 hours.

Once the withdrawal request has arrived, Azienda Agricola Raimondi will promptly communicate to the customer the instructions on how to give back goods to Azienda Agricola Raimondi Primo, stradello Carbonara, 2 – 41015 Nonantola (MO), within 10 days from authorization.

Azienda Agricola Raimondi will collect the acquired products in their integral state, in the terms previously agreed with the customer, with the only exception of renounce of the customer to give back goods.

The consumer cannot use the withdrawal right if the purchase is done for professional or bussiness activities and whenever the purchase is made through VAT code, with associated invoice emission.



Azienda Agricola Raimondi Primo delivers the products ordered by the customer, through express courier, in Italy as well as in the foreign countries where the import of vinegars and wines is allowed. The costs of shipment and packing of the ordered products is automatically calculated and charged at the moment of ordering. No responsability can be ascribed to Azienda Agricola Raimondi Primo, in case of delay of execution or delivery of the order. Whatever claim regarding the integrity of the delivery must be pointed out at the moment of delivery through a seal, otherwise the reimbursement is not payable.

The customer should verify in the presence of the courier the integrity of the packing and signal any possible problems. In case of problems or impossibility to check, the seal must be signed “with reservation of check”, to let activate the notification procedure.


Warranties and responsabilities

Azienda Agricola Raimondi Primo, with respect to the limits of availability as above cited, warrants that products corresponding to those indicated and described in the website will be delivered. For all the products sold in the website the responsability of the producer is valid. The producer is also responsible for the thruthfulness and completeness of the informations indicated on the packaging.